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The services we render can be divided up into two main services;

  • Partial Architectural Services which includes;

    • The work stages from Inception to Municipal submission (stage 4.1 ), which entails the design and documentation of a building with sufficient detail for municipal approval.   No schedules and no site supervision!

    • We render this service at 60% of the standard fees applicable to a full service.

    • Competent contractors can build from these drawings, but the client takes risk.

  • Full Architectural Service which includes;

    • All six work stages from Inception to Close Out where the architect takes control of the entire process and thus minimise the client’s risk.

    • With this service the architect administrate the building contract between the client and the contractor as the client’s Agent (Principal Agent) from start to finish.

Building Plan Approvals
  • Architects Unbound handles all issues relating to plan approval, which includes;

    • Interaction with local authorities with regard to town planning rights,

    • Title Deed restrictions,

    • Site Development Plans,

    • Plan Approval,

    • and building approval.

IMPORTANT to note that once a building project is complete, the owner must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Local Authority, before such building may be occupied by anyone. It is illegal to occupy any building without such a certificate.

  • During the planning phase, the architect becomes the Principal Consultant who monitor and controls the planning process to ensure the planning conforms to the project brief and the budget. The architect also secures a building contractor for the project.

  • During the construction phase,  the architect administrates the building contract to ensure;

    • that the work conforms to the drawings & quality requirements.

    • Monitor the work by other consultants and the contractor.

    • Attend to variations to the contract & contract price.

    • Certify payments to the contractor.

    • Deduct penalties from the contractor.

    • Issue lists of defects and monitor the repairs thereof and,

    • Issue Completion Certificates and hand over the building to the client.

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